About Us

Art Of Sound is a sound system design and build professional audio installation company located in Shah Alam Selangor. In addition to sound system design, Art Of Sound can provide acoustic consulting services. Our primary goal is to bring a technologically advanced design to clients that previously believed was unaffordable due to excessive acoustic consulting fees or geographic location. This goal is accomplished through utilizing the latest design and evaluation software used by leading acoustic consultants. Subsequently whether you are a facility located in a densely populated city or a mosque in a rural setting, Art Of Sound has the capability to meet your design criteria regardless of your location.

Additionally, quality service to our clients is another important goal. The majority of our clients are those that have been referred to us through word of mouth or those who have worked with us previously on a sound system installation. To facilitate this end, interaction with our clients long after completion of the project is encouraged. This interaction includes continuing education on the evolving technologies that not only influence acoustic consulting and sound system design processes, but the operational aspects of our professional sound system.

Our primary focus at Art Of Sound is designing the mosque sound system. We have experience with small mosque / surau as well as large mosque buildings